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Ana's Story

Case Study 2: Anna

Anna's story

Anna took a chance leaving to seek her fortunes in the UK. Open to possibility, she began by exploring lots of different career options. With a good grasp of English and a positive attitude, she knew that whichever route she chose, the UK was a rewarding place for people with ambition.

“I knew the language but I felt here was a country I was going to work in and live for the rest of my life.”

So you could say what happened next was part luck, part determination.

Googling for job opportunities, Avanta Care kept appearing in the results as one of the most highly recommended recruitment agencies for workers from the European Union.

At first, Anna saw healthcare as a convenient way to get a job. But after a little research into what it really involved, it soon sounded like a perfect fit for her friendly, caring nature. So Anna took a chance. She applied for work and soon scheduled a friendly interview with our welfare team over Skype.

And from that point onwards, Anna’s career was no longer left to fate. After we gave her an honest account of what it’s like to work in care, Anna weighed up her options, and decided it was the right kind of work to dedicate herself to.

A few weeks later, Anna settled herself comfortably into our UK training base. What followed was a week-long intensive training course in the Care Certificate qualification – to help prepare her for UK care work.

At Avanta Care, we love ambitious, open-minded people like Anna. Healthcare might not even be your first choice, but once you hear real-life stories from staff who’ve remained with us for many years, you’ll soon realise it’s a perfect gateway to a secure, rewarding career that improves quality of life for vulnerable people.

A few months in, and Anna found care work to be both inspiring, and occasionally challenging. One particular experience stayed with her – feeding an elderly person who couldn’t swallow food properly.

“Avanta Care are a professional company willing to go the extra mile to help you. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been great! I would recommend highly to anyone wanting to go into the healthcare industry. The team are amazing as they have helped me every step of the way.”

We’re always honest and upfront about what to expect when you work with Avanta Care, and we never make unrealistic promises. The rewards are great – especially to grow as a person, and improve yourself – all we ask in return is your ongoing commitment. We’re told that fairness is why people often choose us over the competition.

Anna has lived in the UK for two years now, and she and her partner are expecting their first child.

While her career began as something of an unplanned adventure, her commitment to giving back to society, matched by a reliable employment partner like Avanta Care, meant things all worked out well in the end for Anna.

“Once you join Avanta Care you’ll never want to leave – really. They are the truly the best!!!”

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