Star Employee of the Month Award

Rewarding hard work and dedication

We’re proud of our dedicated employees here at Avanta Care, and we like to look after them. That’s why we have introduced our Star Employee of the Month Award which is open to everyone who works at or on behalf of Avanta Care.
It is also an opportunity for our clients to show that they too appreciate the hard work and effort it takes to keep Avanta Care as one of the UK’s most reputable healthcare companies.

You're all stars!

Each month, care home managers have the opportunity to nominate a member of staff they’ve hired from us – someone outstanding who they think deserves special recognition.
Each nominee is then entered into a prize draw, from which one nominee is drawn to win the award.
The winner gets a special prize too, which could be anything from shopping vouchers, to electrical appliances or all expenses paid excursions.
There’s no paperwork to fill in for staff or care managers – we’ll take care of the whole process to make sure the competition is run fairly and honestly, in line with our values.

Nomination tips:

  • To be punctual
  • To work flexibly with work shifts and patterns
  • To genuinely care about the people they help
  • To show exceptional team spirit and cooperation
  • To go the extra mile to deliver high quality care

Previous Winners :

“Gheorghita is an outstanding member of staff. Always responsive to needs of service users and able to identify problems and solve independently. She takes the care of our residents as a priority often staying after a shift or coming early to ensure all needs are met.”

“Anna shows outstanding compassion in every aspect of her care. She has assisted our sister care home when they were short and demonstrated exceptional professionalism in working in this different environment. Anna has been observed spending additional time with palliative residents in her attempt to make a difference in this stage in their lives. Families have noted her compassion that is always delivered with a smile. On shift she always looks for the next thing to do and focuses on her colleagues making her a very well respected team player. Colleagues always comment positively when they know they are working with Anna. She is an absolute asset to our organisation through our relationship with you. Totally outstanding!”

“Adrian is a very committed and conscientious carer. He has much empathy towards those in his care and nothing is too much trouble. Adrian has worked at our sister home if they are short staffed and works well in the team. He never complains about the shifts he is allocated and is always ready to step in if required at short notice. Adrian has built a good relationship with his co-workers and any stranger coming into the building would not assume he was an agency employee – he is an integral part of our team!”

“Costel has been an absolute gem from the start. He is always prepared to help wherever he can and showed a real willingness to learn.”

“Gareth has had an excellent month. He has consistently surpassed his weekly targets, and has worked extremely hard for the team. He has set a very high standard within the department.”

“We really were at a loose end, our service user’s family were away and we needed somebody to step in and stay with them overnight. We had exhausted our options when our Sales Manager Paul recommended Angelica, who had completed our training and had previous domiciliary care experience. She immediately agreed to help out and put our service user’s needs first. Both the family and myself were extremely grateful, Angelica is a very professional and caring lady who deserves this recognition.”

“Gheorghe is already a valued and dedicated member of our team, and we are all lucky to have him here. Please would you put Gheorghe forward for the Star Employee Award as he truly deserves recognition of his qualities.”

“As the company expands, we are taking more and more care packages on. Amanda has taken on the majority of the unsociable hours, to ensure her team of carers have some downtime on a weekend. Amanda has lead by example and without complaint has put the need of our service users first. She is a great example to not only her own team of carers, but to Avanta Care as a whole.”

“Linda is an absolute joy to work with. She is friendly, helpful and always willing to help when we are short of staff. Her years of care experience make her a real asset to the team, and we are luck to have her.”

“Jamie is an integral part of the Avanta Care team, and has been since the company started. He is dedicated and hard working, and is always the first in the office on a morning and the last to leave on an evening.”

“Adrian is an excellent care giver. He is very caring and shows dignity at all times.”

“Jayne is a fantastic asset to our Accounts team. She is helpful, friendly and a real team player.”

“Adrian is a real asset to the Avanta Care team. Not only is he a creative marketer, he is also an excellent recruiter who provides a great service to our applicants’

“Teresa quickly settled in to our home and developed great relationships with clients, their families and staff. She has a positive attitude every day and is always keen to develop her skills and learn new things.”

“What a caring, smiling, helpful and kind member of staff. Only shortly after joining us, Lorand made a Christmas decoration with “Happy Christmas” in all the existing staffs languages written on it, with candy canes and sweets for all to help themselves. Lorand is very much liked by all the staff and loved by all our residents. An exceptional care worker.”

“We would like to nominate Maria for employee of the month. When she first arrived to us she had some ‘bad habits’ which she recognised were not good but had been told that is how to work in a care home in previous care homes! But rather than continuing these she has gladly and fully adopted the way we work here. She is a quick learner, incredibly hard working with a good attitude, very respectful and above all a kind and caring person. I think these are really important attributes and in turn should be recognised.”

“Craig has had a fantastic month. He has passed all monthly targets and has covered other staff members’ absences. He has gone above on beyond what is expected and is rightly awarded as our star employee.”

“Gemma has been a huge asset to the Client Services team and we will really miss her whilst she’s away on maternity leave. She’s popular with the office team, her clients and our candidates. We wish her all the luck in the world for her and her family and look forward to her returning to the team in the future.”

“Petruta has been a huge help to the team this month. She has covered various additional shifts and has been a real team player. We are lucky to have such a hard-worker colleague.”

“Luke works tirelessly to help us source the right candidates for our business. He is approachable, friendly and truly professional. He knows his candidates and feedback from them is that he takes the time to answer all of their questions and understands the challenges of coming to another country. He tries hard for them and us to find a match to ensure that the working relationship starts right and continues to flourish. Luke works beyond his working time in a crisis to ensure that we get the support we need in a 24 hour business. This is really going above and beyond. He is a very likeable and jovial character and a leading reason why we continue to use Avanta as our main healthcare staffing provider. We are a customer business and the service provided by Luke is a leading example of what modern, open service level agreements should look like”

“Cristina has displayed an excellent work ethic. She is very flexible and helpful, and has shown great willing to chip in when we have had staff absences. She is a great team player.”

“Sophia is polite, punctual and always willing to cover extra shifts when asked.”

“Rob has successfully created and launched our new Romanian website, which has received great feedback from users.”

“Eugenia has been here for almost two months and has settled in really well. she is willing to learn and has an excellent bedside manner with my residents. She works well with all of the staff and always has a smile, it shows that she enjoys being with my residents through her work and attitude.”

“Izabela is an absolute credit to Avanta Care. She has overcame a few barriers since commencing employment with us; apart from being new to care industry and new language and new surroundings etc. She has settled very well and quickly become a popular addition to our team. The residents also enjoy her positive attitude and flexibility – Nothing is too much trouble. She has become an excellent mentor to new staff and existing Avanta staff and has recently acted kindly to a permanent member of staff whom required a listening ear. I am impressed with her attitude to work and keenness to learn new skills and her confidence is growing.

“Lacramioara only joined the company in October 2018, but has made a big impression at the care home in Norwich in the short time she has been there: “Recently we had an unannounced CQC Inspection, whilst Lacramioara was on duty. During the morning she came into my office in front of staff giving me kind words and reassurance on how good things are, which believe me to a Home Manager that was such a lovely thing to do! The Inspectors spoke to her and on feedback they found her cheerful, very kind, able to answer any questions asked and with good knowledge. When asked about the Care certificate she even went to her room to and presented her certificate. Lacramioara is a fantastic carer – She is willing to help out, always ready to help with cover, she’s cheerful, kind and very considerate towards my residents. Her English has improved greatly due to her learning this in her own time too.”

“Paula is an excellent care worker for Avanta care, who has gone out of her way and picked up extra shifts on her days off to ensure that we are running a safe delivery of care. Paula always strives to deliver quality care to our service users, who speak very highly of her. Well done Paula, you are truly amazing at what you do.”

“We nominate Constantin for Employee of the month for the level of support he has shown his colleagues, seniors and myself as the home manager during a very difficult and challenging period. We’ve had norovirus in the home and been on lockdown since Tuesday 4th June and he has worked like a Trojan, covering extra shifts and helping our residents during this time without complaint and always with a smile, offering helpful advice on what will work for ensuring hydration levels are maintained for them and his colleagues. He has built up a lovely professional rapport with both residents and staff alike which is very refreshing.”

“In the short space of time that Ignacio has been working for us, he has shown himself to be a very capable, hardworking and popular member of the care team both with the residents and his colleagues alike. He has a positive personality and a can do attitude that makes him an ideal HCA and advocate for the role. I am very happy that he is here and hope that he will continue to enjoy his time with us.”