Nursing Jobs in UK

It's not only Healthcare Assistants we employ... ​

we also employ Registered General Nurses (RGNs)

Registered General Nurses (RGNs) hold the highest nursing position in nursing homes, as they oversee the activities of the rest of the nursing staff.

About the role

The primary job of a nurse working in a nursing home is to care for the needs of elderly patients.

Responsibilities include assisting residents with personal hygiene, having clean beds and receiving proper nutrition. However, more advanced responsibilities include monitoring vital signs, giving IV’s, administering medication and drawing blood.

Instead of just focusing on the immediate needs of residents, RGNs are responsible for overseeing each resident’s overall health and medical histories.

By taking a resident’s entire history into account, the RGN can ensure that each individual receives the best care possible.

Did you know we pay our Nurses £20.60 per hour?

We offer one of the UK’s highest starting salaries to RGNs, over £4.00 per hour more than the NHS.

How our hourly rate compares

* Data from, July 2019

Typical duties:

  • Writing care plans
  • Implementing plans through tasks such as preparing residents for operations, wound treatment and monitoring pulse, blood pressure and temperature
  • Observing and recording the condition of residents
  • Checking and administering drugs and injections
  • Setting up drips and blood transfusions
  • Assisting with tests and evaluations
  • Carrying out routine investigations
  • Responding quickly to emergencies
  • Communicating with residents and their relatives
  • Advocating on behalf of residents
  • Educating residents about their health
  • Organising staff and prioritising busy workloads
  • Maintaining resident records
  • Making ethical decisions related to consent and confidentiality

Sarah, Nurse in Chester:

"I'd always wanted to help people, even from being a child. Becoming a Nurse was a natural career choice for me."