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We have both temporary and permanent positions throughout the UK. We employ healthcare assistants, senior carers and nurses.

If applying from outside the UK, you can only apply for a permanent position, due to visa restrictions. Please check the travel restrictions in your own country and check to see if it’s on the UK’s red travel ban red list, Here.

Please expand the options below to read the terms of conditions for both employment types:


1.1 The contract is for an indefinite term, until either party serves 30 days’ notice in writing

1.2 No contractual arrangement shall be formed between the Healthcare Worker and Avanta Care until an Assignment is undertaken by the Healthcare Worker 

1.3 These terms set out the agreement between Avanta Care and the Healthcare Worker for the supply of services to the Client and shall govern all Assignments undertaken by the Healthcare Worker (including, for the avoidance of doubt, where the Healthcare Worker undertakes an Assignment without having signed these terms)

1.4 No contract shall exist between the Avanta Care and the Healthcare Worker between Assignments

1.5 For the avoidance of doubt, this agreement constitutes a contract for services

1.6 For the purposes of the Conduct Regulations 2003, Avanta Care acts as an Employment Business in relation to the Introduction and supply of the Healthcare Worker to the Client


2.1 Avanta Care will endeavour to obtain suitable Assignments for the Healthcare Worker to perform the type of work specified in the Assignment Form. Avanta Care is not obliged to offer an Assignment to the Healthcare Worker and the Healthcare Worker shall not be obliged to accept any Assignment offered by Avanta Care

2.2 The Healthcare Worker acknowledges that the nature of temporary work means that there may be periods when no suitable work is available. The Healthcare Worker agrees that suitability of an Assignment shall be determined solely by Avanta Care and that Avanta Care shall incur no liability to the Healthcare Worker should it fail to offer Assignments of the type of work specified in the Assignment Form or any other work

2.3 Except as provided below, at the same time as an Assignment is offered to the Healthcare Worker,Avanta Care shall provide the Healthcare Worker with the following information (the Required Assignment Information):

(a) the identity of the Client, and if applicable the nature of its business; 

(b) the date the Assignment is to commence and the duration or likely duration of the Assignment; 

(c) the position which the Client seeks to fill, including type of work the Healthcare Worker in that position would be required to do, the location at which, and the hours during which, the Healthcare Worker would be required to work; 

(d) the Rate of Pay and any expenses payable by or to the Healthcare Worker; 

(e) any risks to health and safety known to the Client in relation to the Assignment and the steps the Client has taken to prevent or control such risks; and 

(f) the experience, training, qualifications and any authorisation which the Client considers are necessary or which are required by law or a professional body for the Healthcare Worker to possess in order to work in the Assignment

We can confirm how we will provide our recruitment services to you:

  1. In our recent telephone conversation/meeting/correspondence you informed us that you wish Avanta Care Perm Ltd to seek employment within the field of/as a nurse or healthcare worker
  2. You authorise Avanta Care Perm Ltd to seek work on your behalf
  3. Avanta Care Perm Ltd will provide you with permanent recruitment services and in doing so we will act as an employment agency as defined under the Employment Agencies Act 1973
  4. In order to provide recruitment services to you Avanta Care Perm Ltd will have to process your personal data. In doing so we will comply at all times with data protection laws
  5. We ask that you agree to this confidentiality agreement, which states that you will not in any circumstance release the name of any client, of the details of a position, that an Avanta Care consultant speaks to you about

Avanta Care Perm Ltd does not charge any sign-up fees, registration or introduction to potential Employees. Avanta seek to charge the Employer.

These Terms are governed by the law of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales.

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HealthTrust Europe hold a strong and long-standing relationship with the NHS, and take a partnership approach to improve healthcare performance. They are committed to developing and delivering solutions that support the needs of public sector healthcare providers

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