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The aim of the Basic Life Support course is to give the candidate working knowledge of how to provide basic life support in an emergency situation

This course is suitable for anybody wanting to work in the healthcare sector

Multiple choice assessment with learning resources

Basic Life Support Training Course

The following course has been written in conjunction with current guidelines from the Resuscitation Council UK but it will not provide full first aider training or give you any first aid qualifications. You will be need specific first aid training if this is required for your role.

Basic life support is about providing the minimum assistance needed to keep somebody alive until the relevant qualified professional turns up. It focuses on the basics skills of maintaining airways, breathing and circulation.

Providing early assistance more than doubles the casualty’s chance of surviving.

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1 - 2 HOURS


2 - 3 HOURS



Our trainees receive the following:

1 to 1 tutor access

24 hour helpline

Q & A seminars

Online video classes

Support material & videos

Certification upon course completion​

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