COVID-19: Coronavirus


The aim of the course is to give employees an awareness of the virus and how it transmits, and to know what symptoms to look out for the people who are most at risk

THE COVID-19: Coronavirus course is available for anybody working within the healthcare industry

Multiple choice assessment with learning resources

The COVID-19: Coronavirus course

At the end of the course the user will:

  • Have an awareness of the virus and how it transmits
  • Know what symptoms to look out for the people who are most at risk
  • Have awareness of testing, treatments and prognosis for COVID-19
  • Be able to establish facts from myths when it comes to COVID-19
  • Know how to protect themselves and others during the pandemic
  • Understand the importance of Infection Control Precautions in relation to COVID-19
  • Be aware of their own responsibilities if they show symptoms of COVID-19
  • Be aware of measures for coping with stress







Our trainees receive the following:

1 to 1 tutor access

24 hour helpline

Q & A seminars

Online video classes

Support material & videos

Certification upon course completion​

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