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Providing a safe environment for vulnerable adults

Safeguarding Adults online course

Safeguarding is about people and organisations working together to prevent and stop both the risks and the actual experience of abuse or neglect.

Safeguarding balances the right to be safe with the right to make informed choices, while at the same time making sure that the adult’s wellbeing is promoted. This includes taking the person’s views, wishes, feelings and beliefs into consideration in deciding on any action. Health and social care organisations have particular responsibilities, but every worker has a part to play.

All  aspects of wellbeing are relevant to people with care and support needs, and to carers. There is no hierarchy, and all these aspects of wellbeing should be given equal importance when considering any person’s wellbeing. Each of these aspects is a positive ‘outcome’ of good wellbeing

Safeguarding Adults course details

  • Multiple choice test
  • Pass rate of 70%
  • Access to support material
  • Certificate issued upon completion

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