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Working with the world's best

We are experts in bringing international nurses to the UK, delivering high-quality nurse staffing without the stress. 

Qualified nurse shortages in the UK are well documented, and competition for the most qualified is nothing short of intense. That’s why we look further afield to bring you the best nursing talent from around the world.

Our international network includes operations in the UK, Europe and Asia.

For both the applicant and the client, we ensure the application process runs as smoothly as possible

We strictly pre-screen all applicants’ nursing experience, qualifications, references, criminal record and English communication skills before accepting them.

International nurses have:

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Why international recruitment?

International healthcare professionals contribute greatly to the day-to-day running of NHS hospitals and private nursing homes.

The healthcare industry benefits greatly from this expertise and the different approaches they bring.

In return, they are provided a pathway to career progression, along with all the support they need to develop their skills and qualifications.

The Government has confirmed that the UK needs to increase its workforce to deliver the goals set out in the Long Term Plan and to meet the needs of the population.

Over the medium-to-long term this will be achieved through improved domestic supply, including increased numbers of trainees and new routes into professions, as well as improved retention.

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We aim to have the candidate working as a Pre-Registered Nurse within 3 weeks of interview, and practicing as an RGN within 60 days of interview

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