We take the hassle out of international recruitment

Streamlined, seamless international recruitment for nursing homes and the NHS

We bring clarity to international healthcare recruitment, with a step-by-step process for hiring international candidates with valuable knowledge and expertise.

One that builds on our tried-and-tested process for successfully resettling European nursing staff into UK care homes and the NHS for well over a decade.

Success is all about retention – given the complexity, time and effort required to recruit internationally. So respect for individuals committed to relocating their entire life abroad remains at the heart of our process. We devote ourselves to preparing people for work in the UK, caring for our most vulnerable patients.

We strictly pre-screen all applicants’ nursing experience, qualifications, references, criminal record and English communication skills before accepting them

We supply the following:

Government launches Health and Care Visa to ensure UK health and care services have access to the best global talent

The new Health and Care Visa will make it cheaper, quicker and easier for healthcare professionals from around the world to come to the UK. Read more here


There has been a sharp rise in demand for international healthcare professionals as a result of an ageing population, an ageing workforce and an increased focus on the quality of healthcare in the UK.

And due to Brexit, there is now an uncertain political environment, which means the supply of nurses and midwives from the EU dropped by a third last year. 

Hiring healthcare professionals on a permanent basis can significantly reduce agency costs. Plus, permanent employees continue the care consistency that can be interrupted by Temporary staff.

Non-EEA (European Economic Area) recruits tend to complete a minimum 3 year contract.

Yes, you will need a sponsor licence to hire international candidates.

Our team can assist in obtaining one if required.

Avanta Care is a trusted supplier on the HealthTrust Europe framework (HTE). To achieve this, we had to apply through the rigorous HTE tender process and share detailed information about the way we run our business.

That means we’ve been successfully audited by the HTE framework body, and we’re on their list of vetted and compliant agencies who can safely supply permanent staff to NHS clients.

The main benefit to you of choosing an NHS framework agency like Avanta Care (over a non-framework one) comes down to volume and variety. At Avanta Care we’ve proven we can supply a greater number of staff, from a broader range of healthcare roles – often at shorter notice.


Another benefit of choosing a recruitment partner like Avanta Care, is that our fees are in line with those defined by NHS staffing frameworks like HealthTrust Europe. That means better value for money for you (and for tax-payers), as well as more consistent quality in the candidate healthcare professionals we recruit on your behalf.

You also gain:

  • Staff who comply with NHS Employers standards
  • Savings by staying in control of your commissioning fees
  • Service level agreements like fill rates and response times
  • Easier recruitment of care staff and nurses with specialisms
  • Automatic revalidation of full-time healthcare professionals
  • Competitive rates of pay and fairer chargeable fees
  • Regular audit and regulatory checks on our financial stability, policies and procedures


Accreditations & Memberships

Avanta Care Ltd is an Awarded supplier of Healthcare Professionals on the HealthTrust Europe framework

HealthTrust Europe hold a strong and long-standing relationship with the NHS, and take a partnership approach to improve healthcare performance. They are committed to developing and delivering solutions that support the needs of public sector healthcare providers

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