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We appreciate that the recruitment process for bringing international nurses and healthcare professionals to the UK can seem quite complicated. That is why we do everything possible to simplify the process and to provide as much support as needed.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding international recruitment.

Your questions, answered

There is an increasing need and rise in demand for healthcare professionals as a result of an ageing population, an ageing workforce, and an increased focus on the quality of care.

 NICE recommend a maximum vacancy rate of 5% nationally.  There is a shortage of approximately 40,000 nurses in the UK alone.

 The uncertain political environment means the supply of nurses and midwives from the EU dropped by a third last year. In some areas, we need to look further afield to find the specialist skills we need.

Absolutely. Taking international workers on a long-term contract will reduce agency costs, freeing up money to reinvest in other services

We aim to have the applicant working with you within 3 weeks of video interview, as a PRN (Pre-registered Nurse) or Senior Carer.

Please note: It can take up to 35 working days for the NMC registration to complete.

Non-European Economic Area recruits tend to complete a minimum 3 year contract.

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