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NHS Staffing Frameworks

NHS frameworks are agreements between a Contracting Authority (e.g. NHS SBS, an NHS Trust, or a Local Authority) and one or more suppliers.

NHS SBS frameworks are easy to access and utilise; they are designed to ensure competitive pricing, and help drive savings and improve efficiencies.

More information:

Frameworks for the supply of temporary staff were developed to provide a list of compliant, vetted agencies to the NHS.

This process ensures a safe and trusted supply of healthcare staff, who have been vetted

The Care Certificate course is available for all care workers, healthcare assistants and social care support workers:-

• Who are new to the workplace or new to care (within first 12 weeks)

• Or existing staff requiring refresher training

The course covers the theory and knowledge elements of The Care Certificate.

Accreditations & Memberships

Avanta Care Ltd is an Awarded supplier of Healthcare Professionals on the HealthTrust Europe framework

HealthTrust Europe hold a strong and long-standing relationship with the NHS, and take a partnership approach to improve healthcare performance. They are committed to developing and delivering solutions that support the needs of public sector healthcare providers

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