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Hire international nurses on a permanent basis

There are some big advantages to recruiting international nurses on a permanent basis, aside from the obvious financial benefits.

All our candidates are qualified nurses in their home country, with at least 12 months working experience, which provides a wealth of valuable knowledge to help them smoothly fit into your team.

Nurses initially arrive on a 3 year visa, which provides long-term stability to your team. Visas can be extended for a further 2 years if desired.

We ensure our candidates do not incur; unnecessary and excessive, ‘home country’ agent’s fees. This means our candidates are not burdened with additional financial worries. All candidates are fluent English-speaking and are willing to locate anywhere in the UK.

International Nurse criteria:


All international nurses have a nursing diploma and at least 12 months previous nursing experience


All international nurses have passed either the IELTS or OET language exam


All nurses have passed/are prepared for the NMC computer based test (CBT)


Our team are on-hand to prepare and guide the nurse for the OSCE exam

Our team will help with the following:

Obtaining a Sponsor Licence (If required)

Arranging interviews between candidate and client

Gathering documentation and compliance

Assisting the nurse with booking travel to the UK

A smooth transitional period

Support throughout the full application process

Government launches Health and Care Visa to ensure UK health and care services have access to the best global talent

The new Health and Care Visa will make it cheaper, quicker and easier for healthcare professionals from around the world to come to the UK. Read more here

How it works:

Step 1

You contact us with your requirements

You let our team know how many nurses you need

Do you have a Sponsor Licence?
Our team can assist you in applying for one if required

Step 1

Step 2

Talent Insight

We will send you CVs of suitable candidates for interview, matched to your requirements

Step 2

Step 3

Video interview

Once you have selected somebody you are interested in hiring, we will organise a video interview between yourself and the candidate

Step 3

Step 4

Offer of employment

If you are happy with the candidate, you will issue them with a conditional offer of employment

Step 4

Step 5

Issue the CoS

Once the candidate receives the NMC decision letter, you can issue the CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship)

Step 5

Step 6

Candidate relocates to UK

Once the visa is approved (Usually 3 year Tier 2) the candidates arrives in the UK

Step 6

Step 7

OSCE test and NMC Pin (Nurses only)

The nurse sits the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). Upon passing, the NMC issue the Pin

Step 7

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Avanta Care Ltd is an Awarded supplier of Healthcare Professionals on the HealthTrust Europe framework

HealthTrust Europe hold a strong and long-standing relationship with the NHS, and take a partnership approach to improve healthcare performance. They are committed to developing and delivering solutions that support the needs of public sector healthcare providers

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