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Case Study On Hassle Free Hiring Process For Care Home

Client Case Study 1

Hassle-free hiring process

Zaheed's predicament

Zaheed agonised over the rota for the week ahead. It was a maze of ongoing challenges – residents with complex care needs, cases that weren’t getting any simpler to manage, plus a handful of new arrivals yet to be assessed. Complexity isn’t what worries Zaheed.

After all, good care home managers are used to juggling priorities on an ever-tightening budget. What did concern him was empty slots in the rota where key members of staff were supposed to be.

That was when the phone rang. A nurse was down with illness. Not so bad, he thought, he might be able to plug the gap with a favour – until a second call came in.

Both staff had succumbed to the usual seasonal colds. Things went from bad to worse. He was now desperately short of reliable, experience healthcare staff.

So Zaheed weighed up his options. Overtime and bank staff were options, but for a more sustainable solution – one that protects quality of care, he needed dedicated, trained care staff – and fast. There was no time to recruit, so Zaheed reached out to his network:

Avanta Care were recommended to us by a colleague, who had used them previously. She said that the quality of staff was high, and that the turnaround was quick, so we gave them a try.​

You hear all sorts of stories about agency staff, like variable quality and unreasonable rates, so we can’t blame Zaheed for feeling a little apprehensive. We’re used to that. That’s why we’ve continually raised the standard for agency staff, and put so much effort into our recruitment process, as Zaheed found out:

I was very impressed – I sent an email and was called back by a member of the sales team within an hour. The consultant listened to our needs, then sent over a selection of suitable candidates. I selected two, and Avanta Care organised a telephone interview with each – one of which was successful!​

While the Avanta Care response is always rapid, we don’t throw our people into any old job. It’s no good if someone leaves as quickly as they arrive – that’s bad for you and your residents. So we carefully screen and hand-pick candidates only when roles are a good, all-round fit. This is a process we’ve refined over many years, one that does away with staffing dilemmas for nursing home managers like you, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best: delivering care to the people who need it most.

The staff member I took on was great – she was experienced and spoke great English. She has now been with us for over 6 months and is a really dependable team member.

Zaheed’s experience with Avanta Care was so positive that his urgent plea for help soon evolved into long-term partnership – the kind we’ve nurtured with care homes throughout the UK:

“We have tried recruiting in-house before, but struggled to sift through applications and interviews. Avanta Care take care of all that for you.”

If those gaps in the rota cause you trouble like Zaheed’s, contact us now and we’ll take the hassle out of recruitment:

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