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Case study 1: Daniel

Daniel's journey

It isn’t easy leaving home to find work in another part of the world. Just ask Daniel.

Back in 2017, Daniel made a huge sacrifice – he decided he could better support his family in Bulgaria by pursuing a career in UK healthcare. But that meant being apart from his wife and child.

Young, apprehensive, yet hopeful – at first Daniel wasn’t sure what to expect. All he’d heard from friends was that life in the UK was rewarding – especially for caring people who gave back to society.

So Daniel began by scouring the internet for job vacancies.

He soon found plenty of employers but they left important questions unanswered.

Like how do you find somewhere to live?, what training do you need to work?, and what’s it really like living in the UK?

Daniel discovered you could also get work through recruitment companies. Again, plenty of companies made big promises about job opportunities, but he found only Avanta Care took a genuine interest in his well-being, and getting him settled in the UK.

So he read reviews about us, stories from people we already employ as care workers, and compared our offer with the competition.

Daniel felt a little nervous putting his livelihood in someone else’s hands, especially in a foreign country, but he really appreciated the honest answers we gave to his questions over Skype. That was enough for him to put his trust in Avanta Care.

Soon, Daniel was on the plane to the UK, with a place to stay when he arrived, and a week of intensive Care Certificate training ahead of him.

When he was fully trained and ready to work, our recruitment team offered some suitable jobs to Daniel.

He then picked the best one for him and moved into accommodation nearby, which our welfare team also arranged.

The job was challenging but Daniel understood that from the start, because we’re always up-front about what to expect.

Daniel has been a valuable member of our team for two years now. In that time he says his standard of living improved greatly, and he feels completely settled into UK life. He didn’t have to wait long to be reunited with his family, either.

By dedicating himself to his career; making vulnerable people’s lives easier, he soon saved enough to support his family’s move to the UK. He now lives happily with his wife and child in their home in Exeter.

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